serious Gaming

Play is the highest form of research.
– Albert Einstein 

For most people playing games is just fun, over the last years, however, it is recognised that games can also serve to educate or can be effective tools for research.

With respect to the latter, serious gaming is mostly applied when studying complex interactions between technological systems and human beings (e.g. lay-out of the urban environment, airports, user interfaces of complex systems like aircrafts or industrial installations), or to mimic long term processes in which in real life it is hard to acquire experience (e.g. in maintenance decisions on infrastructure systems: the lifespan of these systems is typically multiple decades offering managers hardly any chance to evaluate the effectiveness of their decisions in real life).

In such cases a serious game allows for managers of urban infrastructures to simulate decision making over a period of e.g. 80 years. Recording all decisions taken allows for an in depth study, resulting in feed back to the players that can be used for enhancing their skills.  Designing a serious game can be rather complex, apart from the core of the game, the objectives, the rules by which to play, it normally involves a multi-user interface that should be fast and present each player with the information needed: not less, not more.

Skills In Motion offers you service on all aspects of your serious game, when desired, our services on Layout, graphical design and photography can be integrated in the project accordingly. We work on the design as partners and, following our preferred working process.

Dedicated Development

“ A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.
Antoine De Saint-Exupery

If off the shelf software matches only 80% of the business needs then the efficiency gained from it is only 80%, this means that one fifth of business resources can be wasted trying to work around the requirements which are not met by the purchased software. In this case a tailor made solution is the answer, business software that precisely matches the daily needs.

Designing software is a very interactive process: most clients have only a rough idea of what they want, often not knowing the possibilities (and limitations) of modern IT possibilities.

Skills In Motion helps clients to fine tune the functionality as well as the ‘looks’ of their application using our experience in software development combined with our skills in user-interface design. During the development of the application, we keep contact or a regular basis to ensure that the expectations from the client are met. Please read more over our working process.


Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. design is how it works. – Steve Jobs

A tailor made design for your website does not only imply flawless operations, it also asks for a high degree of accessibility and an appealing appearance, given the public you want to interest.

The choice of layout, colors, photo’s, animations, presentation of texts and the like, define the ‘atmosphere’ you create around your website and as such are issues too often overlooked.

Skills In Motion has a broad experience with all aspect of designing, building and maintenance of different types of websites ranging from websites for scientific projects and international conferences (including payment service, ticketing and hotel reservation) to commercial child nurseries.

Skills In Motion offers you a one-stop-shop: we can do the design, graphic design (e.g. logo’s, photography), programming and regular updates using our preferred working process.


“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”
― Ansel Adams

Although photography has become something that ‘everybody’ can do nowadays it can be hard to find that (series of) photo(s) that really tells the story you’re after, be it for decoration of an office, promotion material for e.g. fairs or product promotion on your website.

Skills In Motion can offer you photo’s from our stock, or we can produce that photo matching your needs either digital or analogue (large format negatives up to 4×5 inch) depending on the application. In photography we combine professionalism with a keen understanding of and experience in macro, industrial, urban, landscape, high speed and abstract photography.
Our professional photography service can be incorporated in your IT project or web design project. The appearance of your website or IT application, and as such the ‘unique personality’ and user friendliness depend largely on the graphical design.

Skills In Motion can offer you a wide range of graphical design services ranging from a new logo, via background screen design to dynamic visualisation of products or processes you want to promote. Combined with our Photography services we can help you with virtually all graphical content for either websites, IT applications or advertisement. Please read more about our working process.


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